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According to the International Labour Organization, The United States unemployment rate stands at 20 percent of the working population.

Many nations focus on job creation rather than employment to reduce the gap between the number of employers and employees. Three types of work are employer, employer and self-employed. As long as they all bring personal income and its legit business, then you are good to go.

Employment comes in different business sectors that are the service industry and buying and selling of goods. Every business is good, depending on many factors. That explains why the same business thrives in one part of a city and fails on the other leg.

The recent economic surge puts pressure on the prices of essential commodities hindering economic development. Business leaders, employers, and employees need a round table for a win-win deal to maintain the status quo or change the way things operate.

The disparity between the educational institutions and the job market is comprehensively discussed in a brainstorming session. That is how we get business solutions that will serve generations.


We want to sensitize the public on high living standards among Americans and bring everyone on board for a business solution.


To become a leading site reference site on employment matters in whatever form in all sectors of the economy.

We work to sensitisize the public on high living standards among Americans and bring everyone on board for a business solution.

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