6 Low-Cost Businesses You Can Start in America

Starting a business is a good investment and a perfect way to be your own boss.

Once your startup becomes stable, it’s bound to be profitable. However, before your business becomes stable and begins to consistently bring in a lot of profit, you’re bound to experience some challenges.

When starting a business, some challenges you’re bound to face include:

  • Finding the right store in a strategic location
  • Choosing the right niche
  • Attracting and retaining customers
  • Finding adequate capital for operating your business until it becomes stable.

With these in mind, go through various business ideas and choose what seems more viable in your situation and location.

If you’re short of funds and still need to start a business, opt for low-cost business ideas that require little to no funds to start. They range from an ecommerce business to running physical stores.


Online businesses are the most cost-effective to start and operate. Here’re six low-cost businesses you can start in America:

  • Graphic design
  • Fashion business
  • Teaching music
  • Writing business
  • A food business in the hospitality industry
  • Landscaping business

Top 6 Businesses You Can Start in the U.S with Little to No Funds

  1. Graphic design

You need software for designs and a computer to begin a graphics and design business. If you want it to be more flexible, you can use your laptop.

Graphic design is a good business for creative people. You can be a freelancer and design for people to make a living. It’s relatively cheap to start, and once you’ve gained some customers, you can make enough profit out of it.

Most businesses in the current era have gone digital, increasing the demand for graphic design services. This also increases the number of customers you can target.

  • Fashion business

A fashion business can also do well because everyone wears clothes. You only need a good strategy to attract customers. It’s also important to develop interest and passion for fashion to understand the market.

To create a brand that can satisfy your customers’ needs, work on improving your creativity and fashion design skills. In America, most people love fashion; they’re always looking out for the latest trends in wear.

You don’t have to start big with this kind of business. You can get stock with the little funds you have and grow your business. Therefore, once you’ve understood what people like, your business is likely to boom.

  • Teaching music

You must be talented in singing or know how to play an instrument to teach others music. Since the business is solely dependent on your skills, you may not need any capital to begin this kind of business.

Most American culture revolves around music, meaning that if you can offer excellent teaching services, you’re bound to make a good profit.

If you possess good music and teaching skills, and know how to play instruments, you’re in a position to start a music school or online teaching classes. You probably own at least one instrument, hence only need to step up and venture into the new world of business.

Just be creative to make a good music teacher.

  • Writing business

Talented writers have the advantage of using their skills to make money. You need good writing skills and a computer to offer content or copywriting services. You can either be an employed writer or a freelance writer.

Talented writers can write blogs or articles for companies. You can also decide to venture into writing books that you can promote to earn a living. The costs for starting a writing business are relatively low compared to many other businesses.

  • Food business in the hospitality industry

America is home to many successful food businesses. You can easily save some money to start a restaurant or any other business that deals with food. Food is a basic need, and with a growing population, customers increase daily.

You can specialize in offering grilling or barbecue services to different kinds of clients, including those hosting parties. Make sure that you prepare the best grilled meats and veggies to keep your customers coming back.

You’ll need the best grill to offer unmatched barbecue services. But, with all kinds of grills out there, picking a good one can be difficult. Shop around and choose from the most popular grill brand.

  • Landscaping

Landscaping is a well-paying business in America. Most homeowners either don’t have time to care for their lawns and gardens, or simply lack the tools and skills needed to do so.

With the right skills and tools, you can be a landscaper without breaking the bank to begin the business. Simply find out a client’s preferred design, vegetation, existing soil types, and safe environmental use.


Despite the imminent challenges of running a business, you can establish a successful business empire without spending so much on startups. Check out the business ideas above.

Water Softener Must Be Cheap!

Are your water bill keeps on increasing, do your skin and hair feel dry, do your clothes appear to be gray or faded, are the glassware you are using is becoming brittle and breaking easily, are your bathtubs and sinks getting stains with scales, your appliances getting stained, and finally does your piping needs frequent repairing. If your answer to some of the above questions is yes, then there is it a clear sign that you are using hard water and need a water softener.

Finding the right water softener for you should not be a difficult task and it should not make a big hole in your pocket. Consult the water softener manuals to find the right water softener at a reasonable price and get rid of the hard water problem.

The purpose of a water softener

The water softener acts by softening the hard water through the removal of minerals like magnesium and calcium and replacing it with sodium or potassium. Use of soft water gives your skin and hair a healthier look as hard water usually makes them too dry. With soft water, you will save cost on the water pipe repair, maintenance of appliances, electricity bill (low energy requirement to heat water), less the amount of soap and shampoo needs, and maintaining your clothes and utensil in good condition for a longer period. How much a water softener system should cost?

Setting up a water softener system should not be a costly affair. You don’t need a very sophisticated system for home use Sometimes there is a suggestion that the modern salt less water softener system is healthier for your heart as the system does not add sodium to the water in exchange of calcium or magnesium to remove hardness. So it does not change the composition of the water. Although it is true, the amount of sodium added in most cases is too low to be of any concern for healthy adults.

Which one to choose for your home

The choice of water softener depends upon the hardness of the water in question. The water softener manuals have listed all the water softener systems available with the pros and cons of each system. You will also get a clear idea about the water softener system you may need for your home by going through the manual. In most cases, the manual regeneration water softener is enough for your horn. They are much cheaper and the installation cost is also low. On the other hand, you may opt for even timed or metered system which is significantly costlier than the manual regeneration types. The installation cost of these systems is also very high.

Your water softener system should not be too costly

As the amount daily need for water is not very hard for home use, you should not spend a lot on the water softening system. The water softening system for your home should be cheap as the cheaper models are sufficient to provide you with the desired result.

Finally, whatever system you prefer to buy, you should keep a vigil on maintaining the system. You have to disinfect the resins and filters several times a year to prevent the proliferation of possible bacteria. You need to clean and refill the containers of salts regenerating the water (for salt-based water softeners). Do not keep the system idle for long as that can also cause proliferation of bacteria.