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Our programs involve all stakeholders in the economic bracket for a more comprehensive view of how the income expense system operates. With these the practical solutions support various entities represented. Here are a few programs.

Seminars and Workshop

Research shows that there is a big gap between the rich and the poor in America. This is dangerous to the economy since, over time, the dependent population will surpass the working people, which is a risk to money circulation.

We hold seminars and workshops with relevant stakeholders to seek ways of changing the equation. We have the workshops and workshops in various states and finally come up with a comprehensive analysis on the way forward. 

Participants include the unemployed, the self-employed, skilled labourers and the unskilled labour force. At some point, separate seminars are conducted to cater to a specific group and brainstorm various issues.

Brainstorming and Motivational Sessions

We invite leaders in various sectors of the economy that drive America’s growth for a talk and brainstorming session to get to the details. In these sessions, we flashback on where the problem started and sought solutions from that perspective, not forgetting the inroads in innovation and technology in the current market.

Capacity Building Programs

Knowledge is power; once you have an informed workforce, dissemination and information uptake are simple and straight forward.

After analyzing the market trends, we hold capacity-building workshops to equip participants with knowledge on current and future market trends for upcoming entrepreneurs to know where to invest their money.

Advocacy for Entrepreneurship in the School Curriculum

We strive for business entrepreneurship inclusivity in the current school curriculum form entry-level all through to tertiary level. This widens a student’s mind to think of solutions to everyday problems (business-oriented mind) rather than employment. We believe once it’s instilled at a young age, they grow and welcome it with open arms for more entrepreneurs and business leaders in the market instead and not unemployed graduates.

Competency Based Curriculum Implementation

Who said you have to only go to school to become economically successful? We explore the talent option as a way of bridging the gap.

We want students also to consider their extreme talents and us them to bring food to the table.

Wise investment forums and networks

The whole idea can only be implemented when like-minded individuals network and share notes. It equips you with the proper knowledge of SWOT analysis to become better in the business environment.


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