Who We Are

We are a blog site focussing on business solutions and engage all stakeholders in the employment market for a long term resolution in the United States of America.

We are a coalition of entrepreneurs, business leaders, economists, state agencies, and non-governmental organizations across the states who represent a sector of the economy to solve the corporate question- high rise in essential commodities with no increase in basic pay employed.

We focus on increasing the market for items and also widen entrepreneurs mind to think broadly about things that are of economic value. As the name suggests, we are seeking for solutions to make the United States affordable.

We bring in board job creators to identify the gaps in the market. We also disseminate the same to new high school, college and university graduates to alleviate the thought of a white-collar job in their mind.

We engage employers to provide the gaps in the systems that they think when filled, it will help change the negative employment status.

They are in the field and understand the market better based on the emerging trends in the economy.

Business leaders are the superpowers, and based on the experience, they understand the dos and don’ts in the industry for a practical and workable solution.

We use them to provide statistics on areas to focus on if a business needs to expand globally. We also allow them to help us tailor the products to suit the widened market to minimize redundancy.

We want to demystify the notion that America is the continent of choice for greener pastures. As simple as it may look, it is an expensive nation despite the employed generation’s high-income brackets.

Once things become affordable, the excess money can best be channelled for the economic development of different sectors of the economy; otherwise, the status quo remains the same.


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